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My wife Deb and I have often read the stories of dogging here and thought I'd like to try, but never enough to the value of both at the same time. Last weekend we had the grandparents take the kids overnight and went bdsmlibrary to dinner and a time away from their own four walls. I started when I left the next day would not drink anyway. We reached a place we had heard was a dogging website and therefore the subject came to mind. By the time we were on our way home, Deb was feeling a little Dutch courage and I was thinking about how hot could fuck her all over, I like leaving home, as well as children. So the idea is dogging approached. Deb was wearing tight jeans, which showed its broad childbearing hips, and a low-cut blouse button up short sleeve shows his well 38 stimuli e. As I mentioned, the site was near his dogging, said, 'is grass, it's now or never' When I moved, I tried to remember who had the logs Read. There was a car there, but we COUld not see if there was anyone inside. I have a warning light on when I tried to open her blouse Deb. Deb has had to go bra e did what women do to remove the shirt yet. that I had jeans and in the back bdsmlibrary seat with his shoes, before they discovered he had company. Deb is on page two figures. It was hard to do, but I think it helped, it was somehow more anonymous to begin with. Deb asked if I wanted the window open a little to the observer, who was enjoying my two fingers of his boot and looked after her with nipples and quiet just said yes. About a minute after opening the window a man of about 45 ( I have 38 years, Deb 36) called a if they ' feel?' I looked at Deb and she nodded her small head. Then the man started to squeeze bdsmlibrary her left tit and her head fell on the window to suck the nipple. The second man was in front of the car looking in. Deb came softly through my fingers. , I whispered in the ear Deb ' Want to fuck ? ' Asecond was another slight nod. ' You can give one, if you want ' Deb slid down her bdsmlibrary panties and told the man in his breast, said : 'I have a condom! ' Deb has said very clearly ' Just fuck me for Christ's sake ! ' In a moment had his jeans and opened the door, going as Deb was back all the way. She sighed sharp, as he easily glided to her. The second man had moved to the door open for better viewing. I opened the rear side window and told Deb that to prove a tit of himself, what he did, he put in time with the other movements of man. Deb gasped and panted to have fun. The lucky man said, 'Where I can download? ' Deb just wrapped bdsmlibrary her legs around him and squeezed. 'It is not the answer! ' I said. My cock was about to explode, so went back, and are supplied to Deb that sucked more than ever. He arrived at the same time as the cock in her, shouting around my penis. The man got out and the second said : 'There bdsmlibrary is a possibilitypartner? ' Deb said made ​​no effort to keep apart from sucking, so n o K. It was soon ready and slipped in and began to move very fast immediately. He must have been about forty, but he was very fit and maintained a high pace all the time. I had to go for broke and Deb has most of my load , but just lost to dribble as she gagged a little. fucks man was asked if Alma 's husband, I said yes. he said: ' I ​​was in a gang bang was once if you like, I think it would be great for them,' I said they were not in the now, and I said, 'Well, but Please let me know when ! 'A few minutes later said: ' In the interior ? Deb and nodded, he had just gasped n o and was first cleared his tail, unless cum squeak, has now begun to mourn. I had to put my hand over her mouth, if it could from anyone who listened to spoil the fun, which was quite noisy. bdsmlibrary The second man s shot when bdsmlibrary she came and complained aloud five or six time when he crashed his orgasm at home. Hand had a short break before he went out and stood up. The other man had seen again through the open window. The two men thanks to Deb and me, and said he hoped to meet again. We quickly finished and went home to rest. At home, when you look at the main gate Deb and said, 'Well ?' bdsmlibrary I said, 'How the clothes, and n lay somewhere so you can pick your brains, bitch ' I did not take off as soon Deb 've seen in my life. is not much, but it was an intense fuck on the straight flat n . I 'll do it again if we have the opportunity.
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